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Parent involvement is critical to the success of school fundraisers.  This is especially true for the lower school grades.

The below blog reveals several tips to encourage more parent participation.  One of these tips is to break up the work into a variety of small tasks. Getting parent involvement will be easier because the tasks won’t be too large and one of them is more likely to meet their interests.

Consider this when the type of school fundraisers are selected. Some will naturally have more variety of tasks that could be assigned to parents than others.


Successful School Fundraiser Tips | Mixed Bag Designs School

School fundraiser organizers are constantly on the look out for improving their yearly fundraiser drive and making the most of the time, effort and planning that goes into each event. First things first, the best school fundraisers


Bundaberg’s famous florist The Flower Box has been making people happy since 1952.

Now they’re also making the school fundraisers happy!

The Flowerbox Florists in Bundaberg have provided a fundraiser so that every purchase made through the school website earns “commission” for the school fundraiser.

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Read the rest of this entry » BEST 2012 Fundraising Ideas for schools. Check out these easy, FREE social media fundraiser ideas! High School Blankets.

“They are so soft.” “I love this blanket.” “They are like giant flags.” “I want to take this blanket home with me.” “There is nothing out there like it.” “Everyone in the family had to have their own.” “They are a money maker for the school.” “We are from Bingham High School and we love spirit wraps!”

You’ve seen them, you love them and everybody wants them! High School Blankets are becoming on of the biggest school spirit movements throughout North America. Student bodies and fans everywhere are overpowering their competition school spirit at games and special events. There is no denying the pride the students feel as they are waving their blankets during the big game.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. And now with our Social Media driven community program, it’s easy to get blankets for your school. That’s right, has put the power in your hands. YOU… the student, a parent, a faculty member or even a fan can begin and lead a campaign to lead and get your school these soft, quality nubay plush spirit wrap blankets.

GroupRateIt now powers High School Blanket’s spirit campaigns. Through GroupRateIt the entire student body will be involved in selecting your school’s nubay plush spirit wrap blanket appearance. You and any else wishing to participate, will earn points for:
1. voting on blanket designs
2. sharing messages
3. referring friends
4. watching short videos
5. and even buying school blankets

You can even earn points when you get your friends to buy them! GroupRateIt’s powerful points and rewards system will allow you to use your points to acquire exciting items from our online rewards store, such as your very own High School Blanket!

So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!onsider also the exciting possibilities of the price of your nubay plush spirit wrap blanket dropping with each person who buys! GroupRateIt delivers this “Revolutionary Group Buying Idea.”

So what are you waiting for? Go to and SIGN UP NOW! There’s NO OBLIGATION and it’s absolutely FREE! Start Something BIG!

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Fundraising ideas for high school students Are you a student looking to raise some money for a club or team? Figuring out a game plan can be hard but check out our sure fire ideas for student run fundraisers. Visit our website or contact us for more information or ideas.

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Adorable 3-year-old Raysa, is attempting to sell Poinsettias for her preschool’s Christmas fundraiser.

To make a donation to the preschool visit their website:

This video was created by our Creative Director with his 3 year old daughter.

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