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Smencils are one hum dinger of a fundraising product. Smencils are pencils that are made out of recycled newspaper and embedded with 10 different fruit and candy “smells.” School kids love them and many collect all 10 flavors.

Check out the website for ordering information. You can order them online. A very simple and very popular fundraising product.

Each one sells for $1.00 and your group makes 50 cents. Minimum order is one case of 10 buckets of 50 smencils. (That’s 500 of them for $250)

They come in #2 lead in graphite and in colored smencils too!

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“Elementary School Fundraiser C.A.N. Bank Promo Video”, © michaelm ’04
Funds Within 90 Days!
Simple Effective Fundraiser
As much as $50 sits in change jars at home.
No Costs, Catalogs, Gimmicks or Perishables! The AnyBody C.A.N. Make Change Fundraising C.A.N. BANK. A proven simple fundraising technique that works!

C.A.N. Bank Fundraiser
PromoVideo 74 sec 7.7 mb 640 x 480

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Fun and fund raising for a local troop.
December 2007.

Leader; Ally G., helpers; Victoria and Emily. Brownies: Kayla, Kaylene, Lucia, Rani and one in stitches.

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The Oaktree Seed Group at Tintern have put this 5 min video together to introduce our school and our fundraising ideas for Schools4Schools.

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In this performance i really suck because i had just previously broken my foot and missed practice for 3 months…It really sucks because i had just gotten my cast of about 6 day before the performance…

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