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Dan & Kirsten Hamann sharing their talents at a fundraiser for Salmon Bay Elementary.

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recently, we want to have a non-profit fundraising . we sell candy and chocolate only. however, some of our members are under 18. do we need any permission for the members those are under 18 in order to sell candy for fundraising??
we are non-profit organization. does it mean that we don't need any permission? do you have any useful document to prve that?

For selling or asking for donations you need to be registered as a non-profit organization. HOWEVER, if your group belongs to a school, church, athletic, boy and girl scouts etc. you can go ahead because the senior organization already has legal permission to raise funds.

I am in charge of 10th grades and part of the responsibility is to do 2 fundraisers each year to raise money for their prom. I have been trying to come up with something for a low income community that will raise some money. The students are not very involved either, which makes it impossible to have a successful fundraiser. Please help me with some ideas (that require little work on my part, as I am the only person that will do anything about it- that's a completely different story though)
Sorry, I forgot to mention that my district is pretty strict when it comes to what the state feels is healthy. They have already put strict rules into play about not using food as a fundraiser, unless its healthy. Last year, I did a Krispy Kreme card, and we raised almost a $1000. This worked really well, and I would love to do it again, but…
We can't sell anything that the state has decided is unhealthy, which leaves out a lot of good ideas.

Candy grams for V-day, beads for Mardi Gras, we sold Roses for V-day to raise money for my chorus class and we also did singing valentines.

i am writing a letter about school fundraising by selling chocolate bars. So…can you please give me some ideas: how i should start the beginning,etc


Well maybe at the top you could put Chocolate Bars in big pretty letters because someone sees the word chocolate they'll be going to the flyer faster than you can say "fund raiser"

Than maybe under it you should put how awesome its going to be and the date and information.

Than you should get the really nice paper you see at staples.

And you can add more to it but these are just some ideas.

Happy fund raising. 🙂

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Dan & Kirsten Hamann sharing their talents at a fundraiser for Salmon Bay Elementary.

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