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lots of ppl in my school are already fundraising so selling in school isn't an option. Do you have any ideas other than school, church, and publix? Thanks, I will choose Best Answer!

definetly try publixs, your church, at sport games, the gas station, restranauts if they let you, at your skool, the mall, movie theatres, skate parks, the retirment home ( old people luv helping kids/teens out– they think its cute lol), any where whre they're teenagers.. try even your neighborhood and family/friends.. good luck

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My high school band is in desperate need of fundraising ideas for our end of the year trip to Florida, we have about 2 and a half months to do so.HELP!

Have a Car Wash.
Krispi Cream has programs where you sale their donuts and they give you a percentage of the profits.
Get a store to donate a bike or something and then have an auction to the highest bidder, or have a raffle for them to win it.
Any kind of raffle.
Put boxes in stores or gas stations around your community that say to please donate for ur band trip

Also when I was in school, our baseball team raised money by having a car wash, but we had a womanless beauty pagent, and people payed like 5 dollars to see it. We had it in the gym for parents, alumni and students. Pretty funny

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Can you freeze chocolate syrup? Like to make hard chocolate candy? I'm part of a program where we do lots of fundraising through cooking/baking/selling candy, and I was just wondering.. Thanks!

yes. I know this because I purchased really good chococalate syrup from france and well the bottle said "keep in cool area" and since i dont speak french, i thought it said keep in fridge. So yeah It froze, but it thawed in about a day, so if your gonna sell it keep it in the fridge till its time to sell it

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Over the summer i started a recycling movement through our high school's chapter of FCCLA and now I am officer of that project, so I need some fundraising/ donation ideas to get the bins put in place in the high school, and hopefully then on the the lower schools here having FCCLA teach the little kids about recycling. I just can't think of any ideas yet. So any help or advice on this endeavor would be appreciated, a lot.–P.S. any other advice just on the recycling program itself would help here, the idea's just only taking off so tips help! thanks–especially student involvement ideas
wow new age man, that's an awesome idea! i love the music thing, i remember having a concert benefit last year for something similar and i do know some musical friends of mine…the bands did perform very willingly last year to get PR this could be a very good thing! ooh, i'm so excited! oh, hey what do y'all think about the slogan "it's not easy being green." with something as an ending tagline like 'but we do it anyway'or, "we do it for —-" ? oh i'm so excited!
thank you
on another note, a lot of you are saying donations are to be made! and i know to ask small businesses yes, but what about larger ones that may have a little extra weight to throw around, know any that are known for this type of thing?

You're amazing. Really. To see a high school student taking these steps is heartwarming.

Check here for ideas/resources:

For you fundraising ideas, you might try to get some of the musicians in your school to throw a Sustainability Benefit. Look to LiveEarth as an example of what can be done:

These concerts connected over 1/3 of the world's population over a period of 24 hours, and the recycling team that supported these shows had an average of 92% waste stream diversion from landfills.

Check with this company for inspiration/advice. The President and VP are friends of mine, and they would love to know that younger generations are taking up the torch.

Good luck!

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My middle school program is looking for some fundraising ideas so that we could purchase things for school at the end of the year. Keep in mind that this is middle school, so nothing to elaborate, please. So far, for fundraising, we have sold candy apples, wristbands with our school's name on them, and discount cards. Any more ideas? Thanks in advance!

Candy, t-shirts, wristbands are all good & fine, but they get really old after a while. You need to do a fundraiser that interests the people with the checkbook (moms & dads). We've did a raffle like that & it raised lots of cash because it was out of the ordinary. What we did was get with a local outdoor shop that handles guns & accessories, archery stuff, outdoor clothing, etc & asked them to help sponsor it. We still had to pay for the stuff, but it was done with the raffle money, you just had to make sure you sell enough tickets to cover the cost of what you're saying is/are the prizes. For our raffle, the prizes consisted of: a specific Browning Rifle, a specific Remington handgun, specific archery equipment, or a $500 gift certificate. The most expensive thing was the gift certificate. We sold tickets for $1 each so we needed to make sure we sold $500 in tickets. Every dollar over that was profit. We sold tickets for a short amount of time & made a few thousand dollars. The reason is that we had something people were really interested in winning. Of course, the kids could only win the gift certificate, but they could do whatever they wanted with that. It also gave the gunshop lots of good advertisement because their name was on all the tickets. It worked out really great! Anyway, you don't necessarily need to raffle guns, but that might give you an idea that hasn't been done in your area. Good luck!!

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