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next summer, me and my friends will have just finished high school.
we are taking part in a 3 weeks expedition that summer to Ghana to do conservation work and helping in schools and stuff.

we are expected to raise a large sum of the money ourselves and was wondering if anyone had any
fundraising ideas?
sponsorship ideas?
things we can do as a large group of 15-30?
things we can do as a group of maybe 5?

all ideas and personal experiences welcomed 🙂


If you are physically fit, you could do a sponsored walk/cycle ride. I was planning to do a ride around England (1425 miles) but all the people going on my trip were too lazy! It would take about 2 or 3 weeks. Things take time, usually too much of it.

Bag packing at your local supermarket, preferably Waitrose (the shoppers tend to be more generous) is a good way to raise money, about £800 has been raised in one day.

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Skittles Starburst Variety Pack 120ct.

4 Packs of 30 pieces each. Each variety pack includes:Includes: 6 Original Skittles; 4 Tropical Skittles; 4 Wild Berry Skittles; 4 Sour Skittles; 3 Starburst Baja California; 3 Starburst Tropical Fruit; and 6 Starburst Original Flavor for a total of 120 pieces. Sell for $1 each and double your money. The perfect fundraising candy. See our candy bar section for smaller quantities.

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Green Students was featured on First Talk live during their weekly 1 hour broadcast

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We are Juniors and need fundraising ideas to gain money for our Senior year. We are a small school of about 200 students which makes it hard to do any big activites…

Some suggestions:
Lollies in a jar( guess the number, 50 cents a guess)
A presentation, e.g. a play( $1 entry, up to you)
Spellathons, Mathdecathalons(the whole school or just one class)…etc. Get sponsors each person contributing.
Bake sales( make everyone in the class to bring something)
Sausage sizzles
Races-running and other activities(get sponsors)
that’s all I can think of right now, hope it’s successful and goes well for you. ^_^

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