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AND….Can someone explaining to me about the selling candy fundraiser?

10 points for coolest ideas!

Well the best buy I made off someone selling stuff to raise money was a case of Dr. Pepper. Every year the school somehow was able to sell off cases (24) of the 20 ounce bottles. Normally they’re 1.39 on up each but for a case it was 20. To add to that almost every bottle I purchased had a winning cap for a free Dr. Pepper. My sisters friend at work sold them to co-workers for his son. Soon after I got my case of Dr. Pepper though he had a heart attack and died. If I knew where I could get a bargain like that though I would.

When I was in band in high school the teacher had a good idea though. He bought boxes of candy and put $10-15 dollars worth in gallon Ziploc bags and the students sold them. If they’re priced reasonably especially if it’s cheaper then the candy machines that is a good idea.

Or sell home made goodies during lunch, between classes or after school. Cookies, pickles, candies, soda. On election day I worked at an elementary school where they had that set up the day before the election when we were setting up. We all made trips there for soda and snacks.

Have a community yard sale. Ask for permission to set up in the school parking lot or maybe someone’s house and advertise. Ask for donations from friends, family or neighbors who might have stuff they don’t want and are willing to give up.

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School Fundraisers?

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I’m President of the Junior class at my high school, and we have to pay for prom this year. We have nearly no money, and I want to start earning now. I need some really good fundraising ideas that turn a good profit, but don’t cost alot from our account. I really don’t want to do a car wash or bake sale or anything like that. If you have done these could you please give me all the info and about how much money you made? Thanks.

Here are some fundrasing tips:

Ask local restraunts or businesses if they will hold a special night where a certain percent of the profit will be donated to your class. This works great for restraunts because students get to see eachother, eat great food, raise money, and the restraunt gets free advertising.

Also, try selling items that say “Class of ’09” or your school name/logo on them and have spirit days where everyone wears them. Also, you can set up a stand in lunch that sells school supplies (ex: pencils, folders, pens…) that students can buy.

If raising money doesn’t work, try having each homeroom or student bring in a food item or decoration to bring to the prom so you don’t need to spend money, but you still have the stuff. DJ’s can be expensive, but an iPod or mp3 player hooked up to speakers can work just as well.

Good Luck fundraising, and I hope your prom is awesome! 🙂

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Our class is going on a Europe trip and I would like to rais half of the cost by fundraising. It costs 5,000 dollars. What are some good ideas?? Realistic ideas please 😀

Provide some sort of service –

Lawn cutting – exterior painting – snow shoveling

Go to the appropriate business in you area and say

“Hey give us some tools to do this and we will advertise your company for free as part of your helping to send us to Europe” With the tools we have from you we will put ads and flyers around town and ask people to hire us at a discount in order to gather up money to go

The business that gave you a few tools wins – they look really good and your providing them free public exposure

People win because they get a discounted service and you win because people will want to help someone willing to “work for it”

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I am looking for good fundraising ideas for schools? need your help!

My sons’ school are using this company for fundraising. The school is making a personalised cookbook for Christmas full of recipes special for the pupils. They have asked us to upload recipes with pictures on the part dedicated to the school on the website.

The link to the website is:

The books that are being created are at no cost to the school and all the funds raised from the sale of these books come straight back to the school.
I think it is an interesting and original way to fundraise. I spent a good time with my sons making these recipes and taking pictures of them. We can’t wait to see the book!

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Chocolate chip cookie dough

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School fundraising in a recession has left some parents thinking that they may not want their kids to participate this year because they think “who would want to donate money, when everyone is scared about their own finances”.

This is a very legitimate feeling but it is also important to underscore 3 basic principles about fundraising in an economic recession.

1. Groups still need funds to go on trips, buy uniforms, pay for events, etc.

2. The fundraising items being sold should stay in the $5 to $12 range which is more affordable than expensive big ticket items.

3. Stick with a product that has been a proven winner in good times or bad.

ABC Fundraising, which is one of the largest fundraising companies in the United States specializing in school fundraising, has seen a huge increase in the number of groups turning to Frozen Cookie Dough for their Fall fundraiser. A frozen cookie dough fundraiser only requires groups to use free order taking forms and tends to be less risky than ordering boxes of candy which need to be paid for in advance. Another reason that cookie dough is a favorite in a recession is the “comfort food” aspect of cookies. People like to eat things that are sweet when they are feeling down and what better treat than some home baked cookies.

The cookie dough tubs sell for $12 and come in a variety of flavors. Groups can earn up to 80% profit when running a cookie dough fundraiser provided by ABC Fundraising. Cheerleading groups, soccer teams, football teams and baseball teams will usually have the most success with a cookie dough fundraiser but it has also been very popular with Church groups and sororities.

Remember, when choosing a fundraiser to keep it simple and stick with a product that you know people like and you will do just fine. Even in a recession.

Jenny Ann is an expert fundraiser and writes exclusively for ABC Fundraising.

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