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If you are looking for school fundraising ideas that are creative and easy, consider the ideas and tips I found in the article below. Raising thousands of dollars to support your teachers and students may only require the use of a digital SLR camera and a couple of volunteers.

Tips For Easy Fundraisers

(NAPSI)-Picture this: Raising funds can be easier than you imagine if you follow a few tips. Here’s some new school fundraising ideas and creative tips that are sugar-free and don’t require door-to-door sales.

1. Turn existing purchases into a fundraiser

Picateers is a company that turns school Picture Day into a fundraiser. Parents spend $2 billion on school pictures every year-and virtually none of that money goes to the schools. Picateers is changing that. Picateers gives 50 percent of every dollar spent on portraits back to schools. Picateers is able to give cash back because they train a volunteer mom to take the pictures. She snaps the pictures with her digital SLR camera and Picateers does the rest. It’s minimal effort-an elementary school can raise thousands with only two volunteers for a day. Parents love it because they can help their school by simply purchasing their child’s pictures.

2. Get healthy with a Walk-a-thon

With a Walk-a-thon, children have a blast walking to raise money for their school. It’s easy to set up. Children bring home sponsor sheets for parents and family members to pledge either a fixed donation or one that depends on the distance the child walks. Children feel a sense of accomplishment in completing the Walk-a-thon to help their school.

3. Try a fundraiser that delivers all year

eScrip is a company that works with retailers like clothing, electronics and grocery stores to give a percentage of parents’ purchases back to schools. This fundraiser requires minimal effort. A coordinator at a school sends home a sheet for parents to complete, registering their credit and debit cards. Then, when parents shop at participating merchants or buy products on the eScrip Web site using their registered cards, their school earns money throughout the year.

4. Focus on learning

A great fundraiser that supports learning is a Read-a-thon. Typically, parents and family members pledge either a fixed donation or a flexible donation depending on the number of minutes the students read during a two-week period.

Children bring home pledge sheets and start reading. A way to make it even more fun is to ask local merchants to donate prizes for the students who read the most or have a special prize for the entire class that reads the most.

These easy school fundraising ideas mean no more staying up late to bake for bake sales or bothering your neighbors for donations. They can put the “fun” back into fundraising and provide a great return for your school.

Fundraising can be a snap if parent volunteers use digital cameras to capture images for school picture day.

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Question for all you who buy food from school fundraisers?
How much would you pay for a good quality cheesecake if you knew it was for a good purpose? Big tin of popcorn? Big tub of cookie dough?
A whole cheesecake…and the people selling these are crazy they want about $23 for a gourmet cheesecake $14 for a tub of cookie dough – makes 96 cookies and $13 for a big tub of gourmet popcorn

A WHOLE cheesecake, or cheesecake slice?

Well if it’s for a fundraiser I expect to pay a little more than usual..
so for a whole cheesecake-$15

Big tin, depending on how big- $5-8

big tub, again depending- $4-7

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We are a school 400+ student body. We are looking to host our first ever Bingo Night in less than one month. We are looking for any advice you can give. Thank you

Watch out, it will be loud… good luck! Our school has one every year and it works very well!

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you can do a SONIC car hop. Inquire at a local SONIC drive-in.

At some Wal-Marts, if you do a car wash, they will donate some money too (the assumption is that you are bringing in business for them too). Talk to your local Wal-Mart

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I am starting up a club at school..and I was wondering if anyone could help with fundraising ideas for a high school..different ideas..other than bake sales, car washes..etc..something that will get the whole school involved. thanks!!!

If you are still looking for ideas please email me at my compnay does fundraisers and there is no limit or start up fee to do one. This is my husbands email so please email me at the gmail account.

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