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My high school is brand new, so the student council has no money. We are in a neighborhood with a lot of other high schools, so all of the local businesses are taken. We despreratly need ideas on how to raise money

Hi. Have you ever thought of a fundraiser with eco-friendly candles?

I'm an independent distributor for a company that makes a cleaner burning, all-natural (100% biodegradable), truer scented candle. We offer a very generous fundraising program. For every jar sold, the group makes $5. So if you had 10 people who each sold 25 candles, your group's profit $1,250. There is no cost to the group. I provide all the materials.

Candles that contain a petroleum based paraffin leave black soot on the jars and house walls. I believe we also breath this into our lungs. The candles I sell do not produce that black because of the all-natural ingredients.

On average about 85% of all families buy candles at least once a year, and candle fundraising programs have been as successful, if not more so, than most the products (gift wrap, chocolates, magazines, etc..) sold today. The jars burn for approximately 90 – 100 hours so they are a good value for the money.

Please visit my website for more information or to request a free fundraising packet. You can find my contact information there as well.

Whatever you decide to use as your fundraiser, if you and your group put forth the effort you should be successful.

Best Wishes.

PS. Location is not an issue either. I am currently helping a church in Mississippi raise money, and I live in Vermont! 🙂

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I started an invisible children organization at my new school. The purpose is to raise money and awareness to aid the war-stricken children of Uganda, Africa.
We've done a candy cane gram, where we sold candy canes during lunch and delivered them in 8th hour to students, but we're looking for something with a little more profit since the club is new and has little in the account.

Any ideas?
big or small, the sky is the limit.

thanks in advance!

Bake sales are popular at our school. Like another person said, Valentine's Day is coming soon so you could have some club members dress up as Cupid and deliver valentines that people pay to decorate themselves. I was part of a club fundraiser right before winter break where we sold gingerbread men that people could decorate themselves and it was popular. We delivered them though, during 7th and 8th period. People liked the fact that they can decorate them and they LOVED that we did delivery as well – it's a surprise for the recipient. Another idea is to sell the $20 bracelet and DVD things that are offered by Invisible Children (I went to a meeting earlier this year, but didn't actually join).

I'm in FBLA, the business club, and here's a tip: Don't just sit there, talking to other club members, and wait for people to come buy from you. Actively call to people and ask them to buy, or small talk with people you know as they pass by. It shows that you're into what you're doing and that you care.

Hope that helps. And good luck!!

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Hi wondering if anyone has any ideas for fundraising for a dance school based in Sydney, At Tregear ,I am looking at raising money for dancers costumes,does any one have any ideas,i have a few ideas but interested in finding more,it would be very much appreciated if you could all help me on this one,they are lovley students needing a hand for payments with costumes.

We have done all kinds of fundraising! Here are a few things we have done:
~sold cookie dough, candy bars, pizzas, t-shirts, gift cards and gift certificates, flowers at recital,
~car washes
~worked concession stands at local events
~sleepovers, we did this at our dance studio & the older team girls ran the sleepover, the younger students attended and paid a fee that covered dinner and craft supplies, then the remainder money was the team's profit
~parents night out–this is the same concept as the sleepover, except it was just babysitting for the evening. The parents dropped off the children at the studio, the older team girls ran it, they paid a babysitting fee for the evening, dinner, dancing, and a craft was included

good luck!

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I am the freshmen president and a 3000-student high school in Las Vegas. The freshmen officers have decided to sell blue "boy" and pink "girl" silicone bracelets (like the livestrong ones) for battle of the sexes week. We are selling these to the entire school. At first we were just going to sell them for just a dollar each. I thought that these bracelets would be a huge hit since things in high school quickly catch on and especially since all the most-seen student council kids were all wearing them. I thought we should order at least 500 of each bracelet. After talking to the student body officers, they think that I should only buy about 100 girl bracelets and 50 boy bracelets. The thing is, that would make each bracelet like 80 cents, so we would only making 20 cents off of each bracelet, and that is not a lot of money for a fundraiser. So should i just order 100 and 50 and sell them for 2 dollars? Or should I order more and sell them for a dollar? Help please!!!

I'd go with 500. It'd make sense to order less if you were at a smaller school, but since you have 3000 students at your school, it makes sense. Tip: don't order blue and pink. order them in your school colors, and give points to boys and girls based on whether they buy them. There's less room for mishaps. Sell them for $1.00. It shows school spirit and is great fundraising. See if you can get them cheaper.

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penryn elementary playground fundraiser … penryn elementary playground fundraiser

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