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This was a promotional I did for our PTO. I wanted to get the kids motivated to sell as many as they could so we can continue to work towards getting a new playground for our school.

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A ping pong tournament at the Guilford Central School acts as a fundraiser for the school’s class trip. 02/16/09

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Green Students Fundraising on Toronto’s CBC News At Six at High Park Alternative School. Featured elementary school fundraiser with Klean Kanteens and Dryerballs. School ran a Traditional Fundraiser

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You tired of a fundraiser selling food, wrapping paper, or trinkets to raise money? Our school kids are doing fundraising thru

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My friends and I are on the school council and we wanna have a good grad this year so were trying to think of some fundraisers but have had NO luck. The best idea gets 10 points =D


Car wash.

Here's a website for other stuff…

One silly fundraiser we did in school, that was fun was the secret word. In order to play, people purchased a fuzzy for a dollar (fuzzies are made by taking yarn in the school's colors cutting into pieces about 1-2 inches long and tying a bunch together with a long string that people can have as a keepsake) Anyway, people buy a fuzzy for a dollar, in the morning, the secret word is announced over the PA, ours was "what" – when you get someone to say the secret word, you get their fuzzy. The person with the most fuzzies at the end of the day wins a prize – which was coincidentally – a giant fuzzy. Good times.

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