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I need ideas for an organization that i started for kids. I prefer to hold fundraisers in high schools and elementary schools, but if you have ideas for other places as well i would love to hear.

penny carnival
car wash
garage sale
book sale
bake sale
soup and pie fundraiser

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I'm the sophomore class president for my school, and i'm wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for fundraisers. So far I've only been able to come up with:
selling roses for valentines day
selling secret admirer cards
bake sale
car wash..and all the usual stuff.
Any help would be much appreciated.

how about a fundraiser for Valentine's day! you can sell crush sodas meant to say i have a crush on you. or you can sell hugs and kisses meant to say here are you hugs and kisses from me. or you can make valentines day cards. or put them all together for a packaged deal. we did this for a GT fundraiser at my school , and we sold to middle, high, and elementary school. we made a lot of money, so maybe it will work for you. GOOD LUCK!!!

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My club is called Make A Wish. Its a club that helps children with life threatening medical conditions and we make their wishes come tru! I need awesome fundraising ideas!
I've got so far dance a thon, car wash, raffles, banquets, bake sale, and benefit concerts…
Thank you!
well i would need more activities…and something to do with community service too.

I would say a bake sale.
or a dance a thon.

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I'm going to Croatia on a school trip in July with World challenge and we have to fundraise all the money- £1,045! So far I have £400 but have reached a stand still, does anybody have any ideas to help me reach my target?

Rent a ballroom in a local hotel for £400. Hire a local band for £250. Buy some balloons. Charge £15 at the door and you will make £1,500. Be brave..

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Who doesnt love the smell of fresh baked cookies in the oven? This is a very simple and profitable fundraiser for you. Visit

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