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Elementary school fundraiser…

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The ultimate high-flying fundraiser! Great for high schools, bands, football teams, or any organization that needs money! Coupled with a discount card that is good at major retailers and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, it’s time to make money for your group!

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pro fundraising techniques, set up a wall lol

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Read the rest of this entry » School Fundraising ideas that Kids love are all about the prizes. Really, they almost could care less what they are selling or what the school fundraising “thing” is about. Just show them what THEY get! And you make more money on your school fundraiser if you do prizes that kids love! Oh, and don’t make it so hard for them to win either! // created at

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can u give me some ideas and suggestions?
and links to any sites that has a lot of good fundraisers.
We are an high school club so please give good ideas.

sell food at sports events at school ie. track meets basketball games ect.

candygram for valentines day but thats too late

ask some local restaurants if they help with fundraisers because they do that in my area (certain percentage of the bill will go towards your club)

thats all i got

can u answer my question too please;_ylt=Ajb.5oxJNnaevbNWJoeLx7bsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090212222918AAdTEvc

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