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School fundraising can provide a difficult road. It is very hard coming up with new and unique ideas instead of falling into the trap of the typical fundraising activities like wrapping paper or magazine sales. Use these fun ideas to spice up your fundraising this year.

Candy Sale

While it might be one of those fundraisers that are done very often, most candy fundraisers do provide a pretty good profit. Perhaps you can spice up this fundraiser by getting personalized wrappers or by getting a great variety.


Have a school carnival. This can be a great rallying event for the school and the community. It can be a very large event that can raise a lot of money in one quick shot. Plus, it will really raise school spirit by getting the community together and having them help the school.

School Cleanup or Engraved Bricks

If your school is undergoing construction or even if you just want to decorate the school in a different way this can be an interesting fundraiser for you. Engraved ceramic tiles or bricks can be a really fun way for people to feel tied into the school. This gives people the opportunities to really leave a mark on the school. If it is something they can go back to time and again they are going to get excited about the idea.

Garage Sale

What a fun way to not only get rid of stuff but to raise some money for the school By having families donate money to the school for a garage sale, community members can help out the school and get something fun out of the deal. This event also has the potential to raise a lot of money depending on the items donated and the volume of items you are able to get.


This can be a great idea especially before holidays as a great way for people to buy gifts. Events like this work well before mother’s day. You just have to have the students pick up the flowers and deliver them right away so that they don’t wilt. This fundraiser would need a little bit more organization.

Take a moment to spice up the way your school does fundraisers. Think about selling customized items, get the community involved and try to raise the school spirit. Get people excited about the events that you are planning or the cause that you are raising money for so that they will be much more willing to give and the students or organization members will be much more passionate about selling.

We are all bombarded with fundraisers year after year and we need to be given a good reason to buy into it. Take a moment to really think about the fundraising options you have so that you can make the most out of people’s time and money.

Further, get people involved. By having parents help out with these fundraisers they are going to feel much more invested in the school and will have much more things to say about it to their friends and neighbors. With all the positive words floating around out there, community members won’t be able to help themselves, they will want to be involved and support the school or organization.

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If your kids are active in school then you’re probably being asked to participate in fundraising activities to help pay for those extracurricular events. Some of the most successful fundraising is found by selling products or services at a price much higher than the cost of the products or services provided, thus maximizing profits. Others involve donated items for sale, like garage sales, bake sales or raffles.

If those options have already been exhausted, here are three thrifty fundraising activities perfect for any school fundraising, event.

1. Golf Fundraiser- hire a professional charity golf fundraiser company. There are many professional companies out there that can help you plan and organize golfing events. Using one of these companies will help you make sure that you do not overlook any details about the event as well as raise more money than you ever thought possible. Besides entrance fee and corporate sponsors at holes you can have a silent auction after the tournament. Large sums of money can be raised just by auctioning off some high-ticket price items that have been donated.

2. T-shirt/ Logo One Time Only Event Fundraiser – The game day fundraiser is being at the right place at the right time.  For sentimental reasons alone, people will buy a day of the game t-shirt, only available at that moment in time. Students can sell sport-themed shirts or event-themed shirts complete with event logos and date of event can sell up to $20 a piece! This is a good fit and a great way to raise money from parents that are ther  to support the students and their interests.

3. Scratch Cards – This is one of the latest crazes in fundraising. Scratch cards are just like the lottery scratch cards you buy at local convenience stores.  There are various websites online where you can purchase different themed scratch card kits or you can purchase customized cards with your school logo. The concept of the scratch cards is to sell the sheets of cards to buyers who then scratch off the cards to see how much they will donate to your cause. In return the buyer receives coupons to local stores and services.  And the best part about the cards for the organization is that on some websites there are no upfront costs to purchase the scratch cards and the profit margin can be up to 90%.

As a parent it’s exciting to watch your kids participate in extracurricular activities. But in order to keep extracurricular programs in schools, fundraising activities are a must.  These were three thrifty school fundraising ideas designed to maximize profit and help raise money to continue the support of today’s students.

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