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I am an AVON rep & would like to do a fundraiser at my child’s elementary school.
I want to know beforehand what other parents think to see if it is worth the time & my expense ( I will barely make enough to cover materials for the FR, yet would like to help out my child’s school ).
The school would earn about 35-45% of what sells based on total sales amount.

As a parent would you buy from such a fund raiser?
Or would you just chuck it in the trash once your child gave you the information?
Sorry I think i posted this Q twice.
But your input is welcome =)

As a parent, I avoid food fun raisers (cookie dough, pies, restaurant nights out etc). But I do participate in the book fairs. If my school were to have an Avon fund raiser, I would participate. I like their products and they’re not that expensive. Plus knowing that a good percentage goes to the school, I would definitely participate.

i’m class president and am trying to think of some cool, unique ideas for a fundraiser. being in high school means not everyone will participate, so i’m hoping for an idea that most people would be interested in. thanks

Grad fashion show.
Coffee house. (You can have people play instruments, sing, act something out etc.)
Coin drive.

Theres 101 good ideas on that link.

I am trying to get together some fundraisers so students at my school can afford to go on the trip this year. The teachers wont do any other fundraisers other than the ones they already have. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment!!!!

You can always get the community involved & ask for donations from area businesses. Or you can have a fundraiser of your own – sell Entertainment Books, Sally Foster giftwrap or cookie dough on your own. Lots of those fundraisers can all be done online now by e-mail solicitations so it makes it really easy for you.

Actually, you can possibly even use the Entertainment Book coupons for the trip to get your costs down!

Good luck!

We would be working on the weekends and want to spend as little money as possible to do the fundraisers.

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