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I have kids myself and know that you can constantly be bombarded with Fundraiser whether it is from school, church, or sports activities. They do the usual Candy, Cookies, Wrapping Paper, Krispy Kreme you name it! All the things that our children dont need to be eating! Everything that we dont need to consume ourselves.
Wow Green has an amazing Fundraising Opportunity! Just imagine that with only 20 students and our Green Trial Packs you can raise awareness about going green, saving the environment, and make about $3,000.00 for your organization!
I am working with a school that is 40 classes right now.. We have an amazing Product and an amazing opportunity for you!
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teacher at Vistamar schools shaves his beard for a fundraiser

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PRISSAM – School Spirit
gifts for the graduate, student recognition, excellence in teaching, teacher retirement & FUNDRAISING opportunities

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I am a class representative in my high school, and I am trying to think of some good ideas for fundraisers. We already sold a bunch of candy last year, but this year i want something more unique.

What are some fundraising events/ideas that are/were successful in your school?

sell tamales.
the ones my mom made sold very quickly.