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Hello, Hana is selling wrapping paper, tasty treats and unique presents for Deephaven Elementary. These fundraisers help fund the “extras” that are not currently supported with typical state and local taxes. Additionally, this also has given Hana a little chance to show off her selling skills! Check it out!!

Enter 433809 as the seller id to give Hana’s school credit! Thank you!!!!

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Ben Crossley reports on the condition of Sasenyi school in southern Kenya.

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Please watch it in HD. This video was taken during the Armijo Band Review hosted by Armijo High School. You are free to download this video for your school’s fund raising. Just remember to give credits to UScameraman and YouTube. If you need a DVD copy please let me know.

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Garrison Secondary School Fund Raising Event. Friday November 21st 2008
Performing here are two of my students Rashon Jones & Terry King both 12 years old!!!
The students were allowed to display their talents and interact with local entertainers who came out to support the venture. Performing were John Mohammeed, Justin King, Rubitech, Omar McQuilkin, Nitro, Yung, Kas Katee, etc

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To be more specific, it is for my high school’s music department. Preferably I would want to do something that involves music in order to fund raise, but any ideas are welcome. Also, I would prefer it wasn’t something that involves selling junk food, because I’d like to steer away from that.

Thanks for your help 🙂

Fall is a great time to do a fundraiser with candles. I know of a really simple program that many music groups have used. In case you would like more information, I’ve included a link.