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Water For Life is a video from Water Aid America. Koru Fundraising supports Water Aid through our One Percent For the Planet pledge. School and groups fundraise with Koru Fundraising and can donate part or all of the proceeds to Water Aid. See

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3 clips for Arson’s performance
Rage against the Machine – Killing in the name
Ramones – blitzkrieg Bop
Nirvana – smells like teen spirit

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Kasando DR Congo school Project. The Fundraising dinner at Edmonds Community School. in Burnaby BC Canada . March 6, 2009 . FUND-RAISING EFFORTS ON-GOING. School Project Website:

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from anything to do with children, to the sickly, to animals.


Please find organizations in your area that help foster care youth. When youth emancipate from foster care at 18 they often become homeless and have no resources. It’s really heartbreaking to see a generation of people who just fall through the cracks.

The first services to be eliminated with City, State and Federal budget cuts are for children, youth and the homeless. I’ve heard that it’s because those populations don’t vote. Politicians care about voters, campaign donors and business contacts.

Without knowing your city it’s hard to give specific recommendations. I’ve volunteers for over 30 organizations through the years for various causes and foster care is a place there is dire need and little resources.

It’s so great to hear that your social club is getting involved! Good work!

This is a local commercial created for the North Lakeland Rotary BUSS (Belts, Underwear, Socks, Shoes) fundraiser for Lakeland, Florida Elementary Schools.

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