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Natalie, Lucy, Lauren, Lauren, Sam, Tom, Ben and Peter with a unique take on ‘candy man’…for Grace and Sam’s fundraising night.

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Visit and! Simon is a spokesperson for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Pennies For Patients in-school fundraising campaign. Great speech!

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Read the rest of this entry » Smencils are smelly pencils sold as a school fundraiser by many groups to meet their unique fundraising needs. Smencils are popular as a high school fundraiser and for elementary school stores.

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We recently ran a fund-raising night for our local Primary School; a race night (where you place bets on horse races). We raised £1500 (a lot for our school) but we have run race nights for three consecutive years and attendance is dwindling so we are looking for new ideas.

We would want to raise similar amounts of money. Ideally the event will:
i) involve spending money on the night
ii) involve people bringing their own alcohol
iii) not require us to beg for prizes (we do a lot of this already, so raffles / charity auctions are not suitable)

Any ideas

try a casino night you can hire a roulette table set up consisting of a wheel and printed table cloth and chips which you sell to punters to play with we used to do it in our social club to raise money for charity


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Online fundraising for schools made easy.

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