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We supply Sports Clubs and Charity organisations with hilarious professional ‘LIVE’ Stand Up Comedy Events. You’ll be supplied with comedians, tickets, poster design, HTML email for advertisng, Facebook promo and much more. You simply sell tickets and retain a generious portion of profits relative to the amount of tickets you well. YAY!!


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Read the rest of this entry » Great fundraiser for charity fundraising ideas. People want to donate to charities, like the local high school and elementary school fundraisers. But they often feel they can’t afford it. Here we show how the charity, the donor and other charities all win- with the American Hero Card.

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Put seven ladies (including AN host Becky Philpott) for any length of time in a city and you know where they are heading shopping. Despite the serenading of the Singing Z, they pass up a coconut bra, but Cardow Jewelers has them eyeballing karats.

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Fundraising Made Easy by

Click on the video to see how one former NFL Player turned High School Coach is using the MyShopping Genie as a fundraiser

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We’re a fundraising company and this is a school fundraising video that reviews one of the many fundraising products we offer. Our wrapping paper is all printed on 60 # paper, 100% biodegradable, and printed with water based inks containing no lead or ozone depleting chemicals. It is just the kind of wrapping paper you would expect from a fundraising company. By purchasing this quality wrapping paper, you are helping to further the education of children in our nation because a significant portion of the profits from this product goes directly to the school that is holding the fundraiser. For more information on this, or any products we offer, or to find out more about fundraising and our company, please visit our website at

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