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Stonebridge Elementary PTO t-shirt fundraiser for 2010-2011 school year

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High school fundraising ideas that make more profit and take less time and effort. Cheetah fundraisers make thousands of dollars for your team, class, or club. We provide powerful tools that reach the entire social network of your members to increase the support and donations your group receives.

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10 Fundraising Ideas

Each of these has some challenges, but here are 10 good ideas for fundraisers.

1 – Chocolate
Whether it’s candy bars or sweetheart chocolates, people will buy them

2 – Magazine Fundraising
If done right, you can earn a lot through magazine sales.

3 – Cookie Dough
There’s nothing like cookies, and with the dough made, they’re simple to make at home.

4 – Lollipops
People will pay $1 for a lollipop you can buy for 0.10.

5 – Scratchcards
Buy a scratch card for $1. Scratch them and win prizes!

6 – Restaurant Gift Cards
People love to eat out! You can help them save money.

7 – Beef Jerky
A tasty treat that never expires.

8 – Popcorn
You’re selling mostly air, and getting good prices for it.

9 – T-Shirts
Easy to buy and produce in large quantities

The problem with most of these ideas?

They’re overpriced equivalents of what you can get at the store.

But here’s your BONUS!

The #10 fundraiser, and the one we think is the best:

Fundraising with coffee!

It’s quick, simple, fun, and effective. Take a look.

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Edmonton AlbertaHypnotist Joe Francis Volunteers are back in Elementary School and hate their teacher.

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