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Archive for April, 2011 Here is just another variation on the already awesome prizes included in the Unbelievable Prizes program. This one offers a touch screen MP4 player, normally given at 75 items, it only take 20 items sold to win it! That’s why the Leander Pop Warner Football and Cheer went from a $22,000 sale to over $63,000 this year!

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It’s great!!

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Herd the one about the viral ‘sheepvert’? It’s a web sensation but this viral video again raises the tricky issue of “sheepvertising” ethics. Video …

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eWaste Competition website:

Team’s School: California State University Long Beach

Project Description: The issue we faced was electronic waste. The constant upgrading of technology makes electronics the fastest growing components of the municipal solid waste stream. When researching that the US exports enough e-waste each year to fill 5,126 shipping containers that when stacked is higher than Mt. Everest, we knew there had to be something we could do. That is when we realized that the issue may be e-waste, but the problem is awareness. People are not aware of the danger that improperly disposing of electronics is doing to the environment and families around the world. So we are proposing a device that will help reduce the amount of e-waste ending up in landfills and other countries, at the same time informing individuals about the issue in hopes they will spread the word to create a better future for everyone. The product that we designed is an electronic waste bin that is used to promote awareness in elementary school systems and the surrounding communities. This e-waste bin is made completely of recycled and refurbished materials and is approximately 18x18x30. The housing is made from recycled electronic product housings, the visual screen is from a refurbished phone interface, the sensor at the bottom is from a refurbished scale, and the clear front panel and inner bin are made from recycled bottles. We designed the housing so one person can easily assemble it. The whole unit, not including the inner bin, can be flat packed and shipped in a 19x49x4 box. The inner bins are designed to fit in a standard 4x4x5 container, which will hold 27 of them. How the system works is that when small electronic devices are placed inside the bin, the scale senses the increase in weight, which in turn visually increases the bar on the phone interface. Having the visual feedback allows for instant gratification for the individual, making the experience of e-cycling fun and exciting. We decided our product should go in elementary schools since it is a primary place of learning that the majority of the population gets to experience. While in schools, it can be used for class competitions and fundraisers. By focusing on children and getting them excited about e-cycling, they will tell their parents, and because they want the best for their child they will do anything to help. That is when the word starts spreading; creating a chain reaction that will promote awareness throughout the community. That is just the beginning, when children are informed about e-waste at a young age and are having fun e-cycling, it will become a way of life for them, and they will pass that on to their children in the future. So our product is designed to promote awareness and develop a way of life for our children and eventually the world. When showing our concept to elementary school teachers, they were excited and welcoming to the idea and wanted to know when it would be manufactured so they could implement it in their classrooms.

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