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Zac attended an elementary school fundraiser(Jan.21) alongside actors Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Peter Graves, and activist Susan St.James

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There are four main school fund-raising categories. Explore how to raise funds for your school with the help of a certified teacher in this free video.

Expert: Cheryle Hahn
Bio: Cheryle Hahn has been an elementary school teacher for 21 years.
Filmmaker: Kevin Hahn

Series Description: Elementary school students learn through every classroom activity. Create interesting and educational lesson plans with the help of a fifth grade teacher in this free video series.

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I need ideas for games and prizes for an elementary school Halloween carnival (grades K-8). I specifically need creative (inexpensive) ideas that will help keep the interest of the upper grade children (grades 6-8). All games will be located inside the school auditorium. Halloween is the theme. A large concern regarding game booth prizes is finding small, lead-free toys (in light of the recent recall on certain toys). Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

How about bobbing for apples! You can put a bunch of dollar bills inside the apples and have 1) 5 dollar bill, 1) 10 dollar bill as prizes! Also you can paint ghost, jack o lanterns, goblin’s, witch’s and other Halloween creatures on a board tack balloons on the board and use darts to have a ball on burst. A good place to but inexpensive prizes is

Bushel basket toss
Nail 1-3 large bushel baskets onto a board. Angle the board to tilt the baskets about 45 degrees. Players try to toss a softball into the basket so it does not bounce out. Harder than it sounds!

Decorate an area as the "jail" and have volunteers dress as police officers or sheriffs. A person is arrested when a "friend" pays one ticket to have them jailed. They then have to pay to get out. This game works better with older children and teens.

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There are alot of ideas on this site! Hope this helps!