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Archive for June, 2011 Elementary School Fundraising is a good way to make students participate in school. Discover ways on how to do a effective elementary school fundraising at AIM fundraising website.

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MaryKate Aquino Little Shining Star: Funraising Concert May 8, 2010
Macewan Ballroom
MaryKate Aquino would like to thank her sponsors, family and her friends for supporting her all the way. MaryKate would also like to Thank God for giving her such talent and would like to share to the world more of her voice.
Song: High School Musical – What Ive Been Looking For

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It is good to have a list of creative fundraising ideas before doing a school fundraising. Not only will creative fundraising ideas be effective but also it will render you cool profits.

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We have ideas like selling raffle tickets to have lunch with the teacher of your choice, selling lollipops (you can get bundles of them at the dollar store and then sell them to students individually), selling tickets to participate in things like crazy hat day (crazy clothes day, crazy make up day, etc), and a grade level garage sale. Does anyone else have any other ideas for simple fundraisers?

Here are some fundraising ideas that you could definitely think of using. Go to Rewarding Fundraising Ideas (RFI) to read about how to run them properly!

-The Online Magazine Fundraiser – This is always the first fundraiser I suggest. It is one of the best and hassle-free fundraisers you can do! Many people and groups are raising between $2000 – $5000 with this fundraiser while I’ve seen others raise over $20,000. If you only have time to do one fundraiser… This should be the one you do!

-The Credit Card Fundraiser – Another really hassle-free fundraiser that will work really well alongside a magazine fundraiser! Get people to apply for a credit card online and you’ll earn $15 for every approved application.

–By promoting both of these fundraisers together you increase your likelyhood of getting a positive response… Someone may not want to apply for a credit card but they may be interested in the magazines, or vica versa, or maybe they’ll want to do both!

-Online Charity Auction – An online auction is one of the most profitable fundraisers that anyone could ever do. Unfortunately it will take a lot of work to get right… But if you have enough helping hands it’s definitely a worthwhile consideration!

-Get Paid Guides – Many people make money online by completing surveys, receiving and reviewing advertising emails, and also just by surfing the net. There are loads of companies on the net that are doing research and also trying to gain exposure and they all pay for it! A get paid guide is a single website that finds and lists all those websites that are offering paid surveys etc. There’s usually a once off membership fee but you can generally earn that fee back by doing a couple of surveys!

-Beef Jerky- This is simple yet effective food fundraiser and it’s also a healthy alternative to other food fundraisers. A lot of Schools and organizations are having great success with this simple fundraiser!

-Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Another really popular and profitable food fundraiser.

-Candy Bars – Well, who doesn’t want to buy candy bars!

–Other food fundraisers are popcorn, fortune cookies… and any food that you think would be popular amongst the people you’re going to be selling to. Be creative!

-Discount Fundraiser Cards – Another winner! You raise money while saving money for your supporters through the discounts offered on the cards.Win-Win for both of you! And the businesses Win as well as they get more customers to their shops!!!

Raffles – A fundraiser that will always work really well. It is also the best fundraiser to add to any type of event. What you must make sure you have is some really great prizes that people actually want to win. That way they’ll want to buy as many tickets as possible, to have as big a chance to win!

Another option you could think of is to set up a Facebook page that asks people to donate…

Set up a method for people to donate online (Check the Online Donations page on RFI to see how to do this) and then link to it via your facebook page. Then invite all your friends, family and contacts to join the page and take part by sponsoring you a small amount ($2 – $5; Compare it to something like a couple of cokes or a few beers. Something so small that they wouldn’t even miss it if they didn’t get it)! Write a emotive invitational letter that makes people feel like they are already involved. Also encourage them to forward the invitation on to all their contacts.

You should also advertise your other fundraisers, like your magazine fundraiser, on your Facebook pg! Try to also keep people interested in the page by updating it often and keeping people in the loop of how your fundraising is going etc.!