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Restaurant Discount Card –

Great Value – sell $50 in gift certificates for only $20!
Easy sell because everybody loves to eat
Easy to carry – fits in your pocket
Your group keeps up to 60% of every sale!
Fundraise Now, Pay Later!

How it Works

-Order approximately 10 discount cards per fundraising participant.
-Each card sells for $20 – You purchase each card for $11.00 to $7.00 depending on quantity ordered.
-Your supporters benefit from $50 worth of Gift Certificates at local Restaurants.

How Your Supporters Use the Card:

They pay you $20 for a gift certificate which is redeemable for $50 in savings at 18,000+ restaurants nationwide.
To use it, your supporters will go to, enter their special code, and browse the participating restaurants.
Once they’ve found a restaurant they like, they simply print: one $50 certificate, up to two $25 certificates, or up to five $10 certificates, take it to the restaurant, and present it the same as cash. Users may redeem their coupons at more than 1 restaurant, up to a maximum of $50 total

Fundraise Now, Pay Later!

You can order your cards now, and pay for them in 30 days! How?

30-day credit card hold: we’ll bill your credit card 30 days AFTER the date you place your order.
Purchase Order for Public Schools — pay in 30 days
You’re also welcome to pay up-front by credit card or money-order.

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The adidas School Fun-Run is open to ALL Australian schools of any size.

The adidas School Fun-Run is designed to fit curriculum in support of childhood health & education while raising extra funding your school… its more than just another fundraiser or walk-a-thon and its MUCH more than a cookie dough, wine or chocolate drive.

The adidas School Fun-Run is free from financial risk; in fact you’re guaranteed to bank a profit. Best of all, you don’t need a budget to hold this event as there are no out-of-pocket expenses for your school; it’s 100% self-funding!

This fundraising idea is a major funds generator with a health focus… which means a lot to our partner schools as the adidas School Fun-Run saves them doing multiple small fundraisers to meet their financial goals AND it benefits their whole community.

The adidas School Fun-Run is flexible to suit your needs.

You can hold the adidas School Fun-Run on ANY DAY that suits your school. Just let us know the best date to hold this event at your school and we will tailor your support material to provide everything you need. Then, you simply set an appropriate course on the grounds of YOUR school to suit the students’ running abilities.

Leading up to the event day students seek sponsorship on behalf of the school for running in the adidas School Fun-Run. Unlike a Chocolate Drive, this fundraising idea relieves finanical burdens on your school community as there are no set prices at pay. This means supporters in your community can sponsor as much or as little as they can afford!

The event aims to get kids outside & active so the focus is on participation. To maximise involvement the adidas School Fun-Run is packed full of rewards for both students and school families.


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This was done for an English GT project. The class was doing fundraisers as a way to understand the concept of how the economy affects charities and programs. My group chose to advocate the disappearance of art programs throughout the U.S.

Part 2 of 3. This part starts with our actually fundraiser and goes to before the auction we put together. Thanks to all those who donated items!

Part 1:
Part 3:

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Excerpt from special cocktail event organised by the Osei Tutu Secondary School Old Boys in UK to raise funds for the schools computer laboratory. This event was co-organised and filmed by Eagle Media House Ltd

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