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Students at Fairview Elementary School have put a lot of effort into fundraising, and have raised more than $1100 for the Child Development Centre in Nanaimo, BC.

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With California’s relentlessly shrinking budget, one public school in the inner city of Los Angeles found its own way to raise money. Bill Whitaker reports.

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I’m in Science Club and we need an idea for fundraising. We don’t want to sell candy again and we’ve been thinking maybe a pizza or bake sales. Do you know any other good ideas?

I saw your question and wanted to share some fundraising ideas that are:


– Easy to start and maintain

– Requires very little time

– Raise money year-round and nationwide

– Some programs can be a source of ongoing income for your organization

– Some of the fundraising ideas use the power of “word-of-mouth” advertising because supporters
benefit from sharing great deals and ways to save money with their family and friends which
benefits your organization. People not affiliated with your organization can help raise money
for your organization by saving money and by sharing with others how they can save money.

For more details on all of the fundraising ideas briefly described below, visit:

ONLINE FUNDRAISER – This fundraiser is a great way for your organization to raise money and puts you in the driver’s seat offering 40% of the purchase price on gift items at the online gift store. No door-to-door sales and no sorting or delivering products. Click here for more details and earning potential.

GIFT CARD FUNDRAISER – This fundraiser offers your organization 50% of the face value of Gifts For One Gifts For All Online Gifts Store gift cards available in denominations of $10.00, $25.00, and $50.00. When the gift cards are redeemed during a sitewide sale, your supporters get more for their money. Click here for details.

CASH BACK REBATE FUNDRAISER – EVERYONE LOVES TO SAVE MONEY! This fundraiser gives your organization access to cash rebate programs to help your supporters save money at their favorite online retail stores. When your organization invites supporters to join for FREE as part of its network, your organization earns money as they save money through cash rebates. Even better, your supporters can invite their family and friends to join their own network and your organization will benefit when they shop and save money too. Click here for details.

50% OFF OR BETTER COUPON FUNDRAISER – EVERYONE LOVES A GREAT DEAL! This fundraiser allows your organization to introduce supporters to sites promoting 50% OFF or better deals to help them save money on great deals available locally and nationally. When your orgainzation’s accept your invitation to join for FREE as part of its network, your organization earns money when they save money on great deals. With this program, your supporters can invite their family and friendds to join their own network and your organization will benefit when they save money on 50% OFF or better deals. Click here for details.

DONATION 4 DISCOUNT FUNDRAISER – This is a great way to thank your supporters for supporting your organization at fundraising events, for their donations, and support over the years with a great opportunity to raise additional funds. Its also a great incentive to encourage donations and support. Click here for details.

CATALOG FUNDRAISER – This fundraising program provides all the tools needed to hit the ground running to raise money for your organization and offer and offers the highest profit potential. Click here for details.

Again for more details on these fund-raising ideas, visit the site below: