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I have three kids in grade school right now, and of course they all bring home a packet whenever the school does a fundraiser. I dont mind helping out, but honestly we dont know tons of people. How do I please all three of them when we MIGHT be able to get a handful of orders for just one of them? Is there a simple answer Im over looking?

i think there could b 2 solutions…#1…have a rotation sheet…so depending on the fundraiser and the cycle…that child sells…not both or all children selling…

then again it limits what they can do

#2. say they all have their our cycle of friends…baseball teams …church groups…dance class…each child can do what they want…if they want to work it and sell then..they get orders..if they choose not to sell they have on orders…

as parents we stopped buying…dad took chocolate bars to work and so did i….we sold 10..for each kid and we were done…

also calling family was difficult…because they didn’t want to buy from one and not the other…it get pricey

i worked at a school and it was tough because all the kids would ask me to buy something…i had 110 kids in my program…so i said…i would try to buy from each kid…but it could take a while…and once i purchased i was done…about year 3 i had cycled through all the kids…

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I need a unique fundraising idea for a high school. Please dont give me the usual raffle tickets, bake sales, fashion shows, and games days.
Thanks a lot for your help


How about an Arbonne Lip Gloss Fundraiser?!!! Really unique and lots of fun. Easy and I would supply all the materials.

Each lip gloss costs $10.00 and $3.00 goes to the fundraiser. Easy to sell! Every girl wants a new lip gloss. Students, moms, grandma, aunts, sisters, and so on will buy and support the fundraiser.

Then once the fundraiser has been completed if anyone places a 2nd order, then a portion of that money will also go to the group.

I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and this fundraiser has work great for many groups. No cost to the group. If you would like more information please contact me through my profile here and then I can give you my email and phone directly.

Live Happy,

Information for the 4th Annual AHG Heart & Soul Candies Fundraiser Program- Christmas, Valentines and Candy Bars. NEW CANDY BAR and NEW CHRISTMAS FLAVOR COMBO. This introductory video is great for leaders and parents! Video has no audio.

Did you know that Heart & Soul Candies was the FIRST co-branded AHG fundraiser? This is the only fundraiser that we do, because we believe in AHG and the mission of reaching the next generation!

Our AHG branded products are the gifts that will tell the story, yours and HIS!

For more information go to:

God Bless!

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Students from 74th street school elementry sale hand made books,candles,shirts and hats to raise money for school programs.

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