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Van & Bonnie attend a fundraiser for the USS Iowa at Cornelle Elementary with students and staff.

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Holyrood Catholic Secondary School in the south-side of Glasgow is one of the top-performing state schools in Scotland and is renowned for its fundraising activities. The school has established a close partnership with Mary’s Meals and has also been at the forefront of fundraising for Malawi which involves thirty pupils travelling to areas in the country to help reconstruct, renovate and build schools.

A BBC Production

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Adding some spice to Kahala Mall’s Shop Local event on Sunday, Blue Planet’s “Be the Change” flash mob encouraged friends and neighbors to drum up support for clean, local, renewable energy.

Throughout the day, Kahala Elementary School also hosted a CFL exchange fundraiser with the support of Blue Planet Foundation. They swapped 500 bulbs, earning $200 while saving residents $57,500 in electricity costs over the lives of the bulbs and displacing 375 barrels of oil. Well done!

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Two students talk about their experience fundraising for their Global Leadership Adventures summer program

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Oh honey, I tell ya, princess is gonna be great in the show!
Oh and Mikey’s gonna be such a cute little bee!
Zoom Zoom Zoom zoom zoom zoom.
Her throne, it’s just a chair!
And their costumes are just cheap t-shirts!
I thought Mikey was gonna be flying!
This show is a disaster!
It’s not my fault, we’re underfunded!
Underfunded? This calls for a boosters meeting!

My bees have no wings, they’re missing some things!
I’m working so hard just to fix broken strings
We rehash supplies, we don’t have the cash,
we need more funds just to make the show a smash!

Well that doesn’t make any sense, how could you possibly be underfunded, we spend hundreds of hours volunteering.
He cut our vacation short for a bake sale.

We work year round, raising the money,
if this is a joke, well it’s not that funny.

Well, according to my calculations, the hundreds of hours you spend volunteering, only raise two to three dollars an hour.

This is terrible, our children look awful.
You’re mean!
Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.
Daddy, have you tried this?

What is this? MSN Offers for Schools for fundraising.
How does it work?

A business needs more customers so they create a deal,
our nonprofit then spreads the word with a personal appeal,
people find and buy the deal and the vendor gains new clients
our nonprofit then gets a check for the microsoft alliance!

Wow, what a swell idea!

We find the deals that make you money!
I adopt a fuzzy bunny.

Our community can come together, I support your school with Tuscan leather,
you can fundraise in temperate weather, on vacation with Mrs, Heather!

Wow, they’re flying! The kids look fantastic!

Our new fundraising tool, it’s changing the rules, it’s MSN offers for schools!

Sign up now to raise money for your school or nonprofit. Share this video to recruit!

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